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Our Academics

It is important for a child to explore and find their strengths in order to reach their true potential. Whether a child is an introvert or extrovert personality, the aim is to nurture the child into a self-confident individual.

As a school we think about how to engage students and hold their attention. If a lesson is to be productive, how do we make sure the students actually absorb the topic? With this constant question in our mind we continuously upgrade our teaching tools and techniques as well as our academic programmes.


Jolly phonics:

Children learn the 42 sounds in English
•    60 sight words
•    Fun actions to help memorise sounds
•    Fun games and activities for consolidation
•    Grammar in Grades 2 and 3 with actions and colour words
•    Spelling is code-based


Our Platinum N.S and Technology classes are done in the Science Lab.

Children enjoy their Science experiments and are very eager to participate.


: Letterland
•    Characters remain the same through the phase
•    Children identify with the characters in the book
•    Readers are bright and colourful
•    Good repetition of vocabulary at each level

•    Group guided and shared reading

•    Love for reading encouraged
•    Learners taught to read with comprehension
•    Each book is a wonderful adventure for the characters

Our subjects

Our subjects include : English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Life-Skills , N.S, Technology, Life - Orientation, Social Science, Creative Arts and EMS.


Platinum Maths
•    Encourages children to think creatively, logically and independently
•    Good step by step progression
•    Lovely concrete aids to encourage practical learning
•    Fun activities to cover all mathematical concepts
•    Love for mathematics instilled in each learner

Physical Education

We believe that sport plays an important role in education. As well as teaching children the skills and knowledge required to play the various sports, there are many important, life-long lessons to be learned.Children learn values such as teamwork, discipline, pride in performance and always giving of their best. These lessons all contribute to the formation of a well-rounded character.

The most important aim of our sports programme is to develop a love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, as this will benefit our pupils for the rest of their lives.

 The Sports programme forms part of our school curriculum.

The following sports are offered by the School: Hockey,Soccer,Athletics,Netball and Tennis.

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