ned ball

ned ball

Grade 3

Staff , GOVENDER , N_ Export Students(1)
Staff , HAUTMANN , J_ Export Students(1)
Staff , MOLAHLEHI , P_ Export Students(1

Mrs Govender - Grade 3A

Mr Hautmann - Grade 3B

Ms Molahlehli - Grade 3C

We believe that each child is a gift.


Each learner is an individual with unique potential that must be developed to their unique purpose and passion. At Da Silva Academy we have a safe and nurturing environment where the love of and for learning is a fire lit within their minds and hearts.

From Grade 1 to 3, our children are introduced to creative and authentic learning opportunities, underpinned by our values and ethos, equipping them with the skills that would require them to be responsible 21st century citizens and lifelong learners.

We believe that a child’s learning experience must be holistic. The academic programme, which is based on the CAPS curriculum, is carefully built and designed to encourage academic excellence.


Our learning strategies allow our children to think critically and creatively, living reflective lives where they are able to form their own opinions, express themselves confidently and act in a socially responsible manner.