ned ball

ned ball

Phase Heads

Staff , NOVELA , B_ Export Students(1).j

Miss Novela 

Pre Primary and Grade R HOD

Staff , PEREIRA , J_ Export Staff(1) (1)

Mrs Pereira 

Grade 1 HOD 

Sport Coaches , COETZEE , A_ Export Staff(1).jpg

Ms Coetzee

Grade 2 HOD 

Staff , GOVENDER , N_ Export Students(1)

Mrs Govendor

Grade 3 HOD and Head of Support Staff

Staff , ROBBERTSE , J_ Export Students(1

Mr Robbertse 

Intermediate phase HOD and 

Head of Discipline


Staff , JANKIE , R_ Export Students(1).j

Mrs Jankie 

Intermediate Phase HOD

Staff , LOUREMCO , D_ Export Students(1).jpg

Ms Lourenco

Intermediate Phase HOD

Sport Coaches , VAN DER WALT , R_ Export Staff(1).jpg

Ms Van Der Walt 

Intermediate Phase HOD

Staff , GROBBELAAR , C_ Export Students(

Mrs Grobbelaar 

Head of Sports