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ned ball

Grade RR

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Ms S.Erasmus

Ms Plaaitjies 

Learning Environment

Our consistent and structured environment allows a child to confidently and securely explore his new and challenging environment. They must LOVE to learn, and to do their “work”. Children are treated with respect and have clear and consistent limits. A child who is respected and taught discipline is more likely to respect and care for others, and practice self-discipline.

CAPS - Day by Day – Our curriculum is based on the Day by day curriculum which works hand in hand with CAPS. 

Arrival & Departure Times – School is open from 06h30 till 16h00. We have staff members on duty from 06h30 in the morning, and the teachers all start at 06h30. Your child should be at school latest 08h00 (3 years and under) and 07h30 (4-6 years) for him/her to have a chance to settle down before class starts.

Departure times are 13h30 for half-day kids and up to 16h00 for full-day kids. Teachers work different full days, and will be on duty until 16h00 and staff members until 16h30.

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