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Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

We, the Community of Da Silva Academy School, strive to provide equal educational opportunities for children, irrespective of race or creed. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of understanding and dedicate ourselves to the full development of the child.


We commit ourselves to a broad and relevant curriculum so that each child can develop emotionally, spiritually, physically and academically, thus enabling him/her to acquire a good self-image.


We will create situations in which the children will make choices and accept responsibility for them. We will further staff development both professionally and personally. In pursuing this mission, we strive to promote a feeling of pride in the school and encourage pupil/parent involvement in all areas, through constant interaction. 


Da Silva Academy Primary School aims to provide an education of quality which will prepare its pupils holistically for life.


This education will be characterised by:




The objective is the optimum achievement of the potential of each child.


Our core values are:

G – Gratitude


R – Respect


E – Empathy


A – Acceptance


T – Truth


Our Motto is: “Be proud”





It is the basic philosophy at Da Silva Academy that every one of our children must be given the maximum opportunity in order to prepare them for life. This means more than academic achievement or success in examinations. At Da Silva Academy, we aim to create a secure and caring environment in which children can experience success and achieve their full potential within a broad and balanced curriculum. The value of personal, social and moral development is implicit in all that we do.

Our overriding goal is to establish and foster values for life. To do this, it is essential that we work in partnership with all of our parents. Growth in personal development, self-discipline, education in practical and social skills, vocational guidance, development; development of sporting talents and leisure interests – all of these are important goals.

  • "Be Proud".


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