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ned ball



Da Silva Academy Primary has a full tuckshop,  Mrs V’s Tuckshop, where a healthy range of hot meals are available from early in the morning to late afternoon.

Although sweets and drinks are also on sale, children may not purchase these before second break to avoid the dreaded “sugar rush” which can make young children somewhat ungovernable during teaching times!

The tuckshop operates on a cash basis.

Operating Hours:

7AM to 2PM Monday To Friday.


  • Fully Covid-19 compliant

Daily hot meals also available such as Spaghetti bolognaise, Fish fingers and Mash, Chicken and rice etc at R45 a plate.

Cheese and Tomato Roll R20
Chicken Mayo Roll R25
Hotdog roll R25
Cheese and Egg Roll R20
Tuna Mayo Roll R30

French loaves also available at R45 with any of the above fillings.

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