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ned ball

ned ball

Grade 1

Staff , PEREIRA , J_ Export Staff#2(1).jpg

Mrs Pereira - Grade 1 A

Staff , GOVENDER , N_ Export Staff(1).jpg

Mrs Govendor - Grade 1 B

Staff , VAN HEERDEN , N_ Export Staff(1).jpg

Ms Van Heerden- Grade 1 C

Da Silva Academy teachers are passionate and dedicated. They approach teaching with a hands-on philosophy; and believe that every child has the potential to succeed. Their role is to have general classroom management; and help monitor student’s progress while teaching through many vast teaching styles.


What will students learn?  The programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. It strengthens the links across English as a first language, Mathematics, Life Skills, Afrikaans and Handwriting, which is the core of our CAPS curriculum.

Our main mission is to have the learners writing in the lines and reading as well as constructing their own sentences, preparing the learners for the next Grade, which would be Grade 2.

Letterland is one of our important aspects in the teaching of reading.

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