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ned ball

Grade 2

Staff , VAN DER MERWE , C_ Export Students(1).jpg
Staff , KLOPPER , Z_ Export Students(1).jpg

Mrs C.Van Der Merwe - Grade 2A

Ms Z.Klopper - Grade 2B

Staff , VILJOEN , S_ Export Students(1).jpg

Ms Viljoen - Grade 2C

Our educators strive to give their best in all aspects.


In Grade 2, learners receive intentional teaching in English, Mathematics, Afrikaans and Life Skills by using the enquiry approach, which incorporates organized learning activities. The CAPS curriculum is followed and learners are prepared for the following year, which would be Grade 3.

Language and Literacy Development

Various aspects of a child’s development interact with and influence each other. One of the greatest influences are language development and Literacy. A child’s language and literacy skills form the foundation of academic development. In Grade 2, pupils build on the foundational reading and writing skills from Grade 1. These skills are strengthened and developed through application and extension. We encourage independence and responsibility through home reading and integrated studies during our classroom activities.

Mathematical Development 

In Grade 2, Mathematical concepts covered in Grade 1 are revised and reinforced within the concrete developmental stage. We build on each child’s knowledge through personalized learning opportunities designed to develop and enhance a sound number concept. Problem-solving strategies and activities are core in exploring Mathematics and remain a focal point for the Grade 2 year.

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