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Mr T.Da Silva

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Mrs M.Da Silva

Headed by Mr and Mrs Da Silva, Da Silva Academy Combined School & Day-care Centre aims to provide a high standard of individual Education.


Learners are supported in various ways;

by good role modeling, interaction, scaffolding, observation and assessment.

We also focus on working one to one and setting up meaningful activities to support children's learning.


We are proud of our commitment to the

community by continuing to provide excellent care and education.


The setting is registered as a combined school. EMIS number: 600105372



Da Silva Academy School was founded in 2013 by Mr and Mrs Da Silva. Their vision was for a School of extraordinary ethos to offer school aged pupils a holistic education based on Christian values. This vision has not changed in the years since then.

Da Silva Academy’s  goal is to develop the potential of each of its pupils. In order to achieve this, it is  Da Silva Academy’s policy to expose its pupils to the various disciplines offered by the School: scholarship, sportsmanship and culture.

The School views each of these disciplines as inherently important and as complementary components of a balanced, holistic education. We do not take the view that academic work is the only success criteria in the School. Although there is an emphasis on academic discipline and achievement, the importance of a balanced life style encompassing physical activity and wellbeing, as well as cultural involvement is impressed upon the learners and to this end they are expected to participate in the full school programme.

Da Silva Academy prides itself on developing the individuality of each of its children and is fortunate in having small numbers, which allows this concentration of attention.

Da Silva Academy strives to instill an ethos of high self-esteem, self-respect and well behavior in all its pupils. These qualities are vital to allow every child to be the best that they can be.

Ethos is defined as the characteristic spirit of a community, people or system. Every member of the School’s community contributes their own special gifts to make the School unique.

Individual teachers, learners, parents and support staff become touched by the atmosphere pervading our independent School and the longevity of service of some of the staff is explained by their devotion to this Rustenburg institution.

We, the Community of Da Silva Academy Combined School, strive to provide equal educational opportunities for children, irrespective of creed or race. We endeavor to create an atmosphere of understanding and of learning and we dedicate ourselves to the full progress and development of each child. We commit ourselves to an extensive and pertinent curriculum so that each child can develop emotionally, spiritually, physically, and academically, thus enabling him/her to acquire a good self-image. We will create situations in which the children will make choices and decisions and accept responsibility for them. We will further full staff development both professionally and personally. In pursuing this mission, we strive to promote a feeling of pride in the school and encourage pupil/parent involvement in all areas, through consistent cooperation. Our School aims to provide a pleasant, supportive environment that is helpful to the attainment of academic excellence, high moral standards, spiritual growth, social and cultural awareness and good physical health. We will provide a vibrant academic atmosphere, in which every learner is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to society.


      Da Silva Academy Combined School aims to provide an education of quality which will prepare its pupils holistically for life.This   

      education will be characterized by:

  • Nurturing

  • Adaptability

  • Empathy

  • The objective is the optimum achievement of the potential of each child

Our core values are:

  • G – Gratitude

  • R – Respect

  • E – Empathy

  • A – Acceptance

  • T – Truth

Our Motto is: “Be proud”


Please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages:

Da Silva Academy Combined School.

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Striving for excellence in an integrated,
nurturing, dynamic environment. 


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Proud supports of the WESSA School program.



Join School-Days with Dis-Chem and support Da Silva Academy School to raise funds.

Connect online via mobile phone or laptop, and register with School-Days. Click here. The School-Days Mobile App is now also live! You can download it from the Play Store so that when you refuel at Shell Petrol Stations, you will earn 15c per litre on petrol and 20c per litre on diesel for the school of your choice!



Transport - School bus transports learners who pre book at the beginning of the year subject to space and availability. 

Support Da Silva Academy - Add our school as your beneficiary - every swipe counts.

My School

Da Silva Academy have partnered with MySchool to strengthen our advancement programme.

MySchool is one of South Africa’s biggest fundraising programmes which allow our parents to make a direct contribution to the school just by shopping and swiping your card at one of the partner stores. With every swipe at any of the MySchool partner stores they give back a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to St Benedict’s at absolutely no cost to you. Get your free card today.

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