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ned ball

ned ball

About our Sports, Staff and Coaches.

Staff , GROBBELAAR , B_ Export Students(1).jpg

Mrs Grobbelaar -

Sports Co-Ordinator 

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Mr Pereira -
Soccer, Athletics and PE Coach, Soccer Strikers, Jivacise.


Mr Matebesi -
Soccer,athletics and PE Coach,Soccer Strikers, Jivacise.

Staff , BLIGNAUT , M_ Export Students(1).jpg

Mrs Blignaut -

Athletics, Netball and Hockey Coach

Staff , KLOPPER , Z_ Export Students(1).jpg

Ms Z.Klopper  -

Netball Coach

Staff , MATLAKALA , O_ Export Students(1).jpg

Mr O. Matlakala
Soccer,athletics and PE Coach,Soccer Strikers, Jivacise

Staff , COETZEE , A_ Export Students(1).jpg

Ms Coetzee -

Netball Coach

Staff , VAN DER WALT , R_ Export Students(1).jpg

Ms Van Der Walt  -

Netball Coach

Copy of School Emblem Word.png

Coach -
Hockey Coach


Athletics is done annually and we are involved in the Branch,Sub District,District and Provincials and National athletics leagues.


Soccer is the main sport amongst boys. Our boys have participated very enthusiastically in the under 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 DSA soccer tournament. The teams’ results were satisfactory. Our teams have the potential to achieve better. If they continue to play in the spirit in which they play their games, they will go far.

Netball is one of the most popular extra mural activities at Da Silva Academy Combined School. Mini-netball, played by girls between the ages of 7 and 9, is also catered for. Some of these girls have been engaged in the League for the first time. They have displayed a great talent. They have played against a few schools in and around our area. They have won, drawn and lost some of their games. The school intends to maintaining the girls’ enthusiasm for netball and also to continue to develop them. The school has also introduced hockey as an extra mural activity. Learners also have the opportunity to do swimming as an extra mural activity as we have hired a professional swimming coach to teach the learners how to swim.


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